National Virtual One SMALL Step walk Canada

Team Lochlan

Thank you for visiting our Team Toronto page! Many of you have joined us at Ashbridges Bay park in the past two years for our annual One Small Step Toronto walk. We will miss gathering at the park and walking with you this year but are pleased to have a safe option for our fundraising efforts in a virtual event.

Our six year old son Lochlan (Lochie) was diagnosed with PWS at birth. Having the information early meant we benefitted from the many therapies, specialists and other resources our friends at FPWR had to share. Lochie is an imaginative, funny, fiercely strong, loving boy and we could not be more proud of his many accomplishments. He has had to work a little harder to achieve what many kids take for granted but his character is stronger for it. We talk about "persevering" in our family and on a daily basis Lochie turns to us and yells, "I persevered and I did it!" With his incredible determination and the FPWRs support, the sky is the limit for our awesome Lochie.

Please consider making a donation to the FPWR. Funds raised will be used to advance PWS research through the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada. You can learn more about PWS and the research that is underway at

Please join us and donate now!

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