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Julia's Believers

Julia was born July 12, 2005. She is kind, happy, and a loving little girl. She is adored by her family, friends, and class mates alike. She has a huge passion and love for all animals, especially dogs and cats.

Julia has joined the Aurora Ducks Special Olympic Swim team and loves going to practice twice a week and joining in the team spirit at competitions. Julia also loves playing cards, puzzles and crafts.

Julia is a very typical 15 year old young lady....except in one way. She lives with Prader-Willi Syndrome.
Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) is a complex genetic disorder that occurs in approximately 1 out of every 15,000 births. PWS is caused by a genetic error on the 15th Chromosome. The many symptoms of PWS are varied and dramatic. The most notable symptom is an insatiable hunger (hyperphagia). Most people with PWS are not able to control their food intake, which, if not externally managed, can lead to excessive overeating and life-threatening obesity.

In addition to the endless hunger, other characteristics of PWS include low muscle tone, short stature with small hands and feet, sleep disturbances, speech apraxia/dyspraxia, cognitive disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorder, scoliosis, difficulty controlling emotions, problem behaviours and incomplete sexual development.

We are walking to raise money for research in support of Foundation for Prader-Willi Research. FPWR Canada’s mission is to eliminate the challenges of Prader-Willi Syndrome through the advancement of research.

We believe in FPWR Canada and research! We hope we can count on you to believe too!

Julia deserves to Live Life FULL without the continuous thought and feeling of hunger. With your help now, we can support the leading research ideas and move them toward the breakthroughs our loved one’s need.

Support our walk! Not only will you be making a contribution to crucial research, but you will also be making a huge difference in Julia’s life.

Thank you for your support!
Julia’s Believers

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