Toronto, Ontario

Team Lochie

Our son Lochlan is 4 years old and has an incredible imagination, charming sense of humour and loveable personality. He loves books, emergency vehicles, dogs and playing with his little brother Otis. He enjoys gymnastics lessons and swimming and is looking forward to starting kindergarten this fall! Lochlan also has Prader- Willi Syndrome (PWS). Every day of his life, Lochlan works hard to keep up with his peers. As his parents, we admire his enthusiasm for weekly speech therapy, determination to run and jump alongside his friends and his unwavering courage when it comes to coping with anxiety.

Research in PWS is making great strides and we are determined to keep it moving, ensuring that Lochlan and our PWS community friends can live a FULL life. Please join us on Sunday October 14, to raise funds and awareness at the One Small Step Toronto walk! 

Please join our team or start your own fundraising page and share your story and connection to PWS.  We can’t wait to see you there!

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