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Always smiling, always believing....
Always smiling, always believing....

Team Gibson

It's that time again!

Thank you for visiting Daniels page! 

Daniel is 7 now and the absolute joy of our lives, he is kind, loving, funny, bright and so much fun!  But, he is not without his challenges, Grade 1 has been eye opening for just how delayed our beautiful little boy is.  Gross motor, fine motor, speech, cognitive, these are all things Daniel struggles with on a daily basis at school and amongst his peers.

He has developed some amazing friendships and is a very social little boy, however, as he gets older we know the gap in development amongst him and his friends will only continue to grow.

And then, there is the day we dread, the day we can never fully be prepared for because we don't know when it will happen.  The day that Daniel develops a constant, dreadful, never-ending feeling of hunger.

We don't know when that day will strike.  Maybe it will be this afternoon, perhaps tomorrow, with a little luck we have another year or more.

That is why we work so hard, that is why our fundraising efforts are relentless and we refuse to ever give up.....EVER!

Our little boy deserves the world, he deserves to know what it is to live life full.

Won't you help us to help him achieve all he can?  Walk with us.  Donate.  Show your support.  It truly does take a village and we are always so incredibly thankful and appreciative of ours!

Funds raised will be used to advance PWS research through the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research Canada. You can learn more about PWS and the research that is underway at

Please join us and donate now!

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